Vasculyse™ Capillarie and Skin Tag Removal


Vasculyse™ offers a safe, non-invasive effective treatment for embarrassing skin blemishes including:

Broken Capillaries / Spider Veins

Skin Tags

Ruby Points


How does the VascuLyse work?
Small capillaries are responsible for cell nutrition.  As they deteriorate, they can affect the appearance and function of the skin.  VascuLyse coagulates the damaged vessels which are naturally replaced with other capillaries, promptly improving the appearance of the skin.

Safe and non-invasive
During treatment, the stylus gently caresses the surface of the skin as it follows the dilated capillary.  Many vascular blemishes disappear on contact.  Most conditions are successfully treated in 1 to 2 sessions, with minimal skin reaction.