Our Cosmeceutical Dispensary stocks an assortment of both medicines and home care oriented skin care including the following:

Transdermal Sterile Medicines Administered in Clinic

Our SkinScripts* NutritionalTransdermal Mesotheraputic Skin Supplements and Medicines represent an outstanding collection of globally imported medicines and years of  personal research by Blade Tiessen that deliver outstanding results.  Updated with new medicines frequently, our nutritive SkinScripts* range from physiological regulating Homeopathic remedies, Cosmeceutical and Medical preparations, Vitamin and Mineral supplements, Placental protiens and Stem Cells.  The result is a new generation of non-invasive, nutritive skin supplementation techniques and products with extremely efficient transdermal release systems.  Today our patients can enjoy the  safe, pain-free delivery of highly concentrated (preservative free) medicines while achieving stunning, immediate results with no side effects.

Based on original mesotherapy formulations, all SkinScripts* preparations used in the clinic are completely sterile, preservative, toxin and additive free, allowing for  improved skin tolerance offering a gentle (no downtime) procedure that uses the safest, pharmaceutical (Organic when possible) quality products.
Our tried and tested range of highly effective products and custom formulations now allows us to combine our SkinScripts* nutritive transdermal skin supplements and medicines offering the benefits of traditional mesotherapy with the most advanced transdermal delivery systems, such as C.I.M. with Dr. Roller, skin exfoliation & resurfacing,  Non-Surgical Face Lifting, Radio Frequency skin tightening, Oxygen Injection/Nebulization and LED Phototherapy to mention a few.

This comprehensive range of meticulously selected, globally imported, pure active ingredients, enables us to select and custom formulate the exact blend of medicines to meet your skin’s individual needs and can be used to treat and complement almost any para-medical cosmetic enhancement including but not limited to: •Skin Nutrient Defiencies •Acne •Rosacea •Pigmentation  •Sun Damage •Wrinkles  •Bar-Code Lip Lines •Skin & Muscle Laxidity •Under Eye Puffiness/Dark Circles •Stretch Marks •Scars •Localized Fat Deposits •Cellulite •Thinning/Balding Hair & More…