Loose Body Skin

Loose Skin on the Body

Loose skin is not just found on the face nor is it only related to aging.  We have a complete range of skin tightening and collagen producing technologies to choose from.

The following procedures are currently available at the clinic and are beneficial in the prevention, correction and or maintenance of loose skin on the body as well as general skin, body and mind health, vitality and anti-aging.
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Para-Medical/Homeopathic Option:


CIM-Collage Induction Mesotherapy with Dr. Roller

RF-Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

LED Phototherapy Bio-Stimulation

ProEllixe™ Cellulite Reduction

ZenLife Vitality Retreat

SeaFlora™ Canadian Made Wild Organic Thalassotherapy Skin Care

SeaFlora™ Canadian Certified Organic Thalassotherapy Seaweed Skin Care