Isolated Fat Pockets

Isolated Fat Pockets

Do you suffer from isolated fat pockets that are resistant to exercise?  Without doubt our facility and technology is the most advanced in the region to treat this condition.

The following procedures are currently available at the clinic and are beneficial in the prevention, correction and or maintenance of Isolated Fat Pockets and or general fat and inch loss as well as general skin, body and mind health, vitality and anti-aging.

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Para-Medical/Homeopathic Options:

Alpha Sauna Pod™

i-lipo™ Non-Invasive Laser Lipolysis

RF-Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

OxyJet™ Oxygen Injection for Fat & Cellulite Reduction

ProEllixe™ Fat & Cellulite Reduction

CIM-Collagen Induction Mesotherapy

Vitamin Nutrition Injections



ZenLife Vitality Retreat