OXYpeel™ -Oxygen Epidermal Peeling

OXYpeel™ Oxygen Epidermal Peeling

The OXYpeel™ is an extremely gentle way of peeling the skin with supplemental oxygen and SkinScripts* peeling medicines.  Quite possibly the best topical anti-inflammatory peeling procedure currently available on the Aesthetic enhancement wellness market.  We have incorporated our OXYneb™ into practically every procedure since September 2006.  For good reason, oxygen improves the cell metabolism, helping to build the important energy carriers Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate and Creatine-Phosphate.  A lack of oxygen reflects in a reduced cell activity, premature cell ageing and blood circulation disorders, possibly leading to a premature loss of skin firmness and a pale complexion.  Oxygen furthermore helps the immune system to attract certain immune cells in the tissue, allowing for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial reactions, which is vital for many healing processes including acne and rosacea prone skins or to increase recovery after cosmetic procedures.  During the OXYpeel™ experience a concentrated spraying of oxygen and skin peeling medicines are infused into your skin receiving both a vitality boost in form of highly concentrated oxygen and intensive ingredients free from toxins and preservatives.

The advantages of an OXYpeel™ over a traditional peel include:

  • Effectively peels the skin with less irritation and downtime.
  • Provides controlled depth of peel.
  • Provides Peel & Heal abilities.
  • Faster and less painful than traditional skin peels
  • Oxygen provides a safe anti-bacterial/microbial and anti-inflammatory peel environment reducing complications as well as pain naturally.
  • Improves cell metabolism.
  • Increase immune activity.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Improve smoker’s and “city stressed” skins.
  • Reduces irritation and increases healing of oversensitive skin (after burns, surgery, inflamed skin).
  • Detoxify and heal the skin.
  • Feels amazing, smells terrific and leaves your skin glowing!

Integrates well with all Para-MedicalTherapies procedures.