OXYjet™ -Oxygen Injection

OXYjet™ Oxygen Injection

Medical grade pure pulsed-Oxygen is used to administer Homeopathic, Cosemceutical, Organic, Placental or Stem Cell formulations directly into the skin at different depths without using a syringe.  The OXYjet™ Oxygen puncture technology is based on the latest medical and cosmetic knowledge, specializing in intensive homeopathic and cosmetic care.  Medical experience with no-needle injections show that vaccines, for example, can be shot into the skin by applying a very high degree of air pressure (like an airgun without pellets).  Lately, this technique has been applied with insulin as well. The medicine enters the “shot channel” and travels down into the deeper layers of the skin below the “stratum basal”.  The substance is absorbed by the blood vessels and distributed in the body.In the field of cosmetics, the absorption of substances through blood vessels is not desired.  This resulted in the development of this high-tech method that exceeds the high standards of modern intensive cosmetic care.  The  OXYjet™ oxygen puncture allows for precisely shooting medicines, with medicinal oxygen, into any problem areas of the skin on the body.  The medicines  travel through the natural interstices between the cells of the epidermis (bio-matrix) down to the deeper layers of the skin and can there achieve the desired effect.

All medicines used during traditional “needle” mesotherapy are used with OXYjet™ oxygen injection click SkinScripts* nutritional supplements  administered in clinic to view options.

Integrates well withC.I.M. , all skin exfoliation and resurfacing procedures.

Click play on the video below to watch an exclusive video of an OXYjet™ treatment at the anti-aging clinic.

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The Anti-Aging Clinic is a Medical Aesthetic Enhancement Clinic specializing in Para-Medical treatments and Medical Aesthetic procedures in a modern, state-of-the-art facility offering everything you need to gracefully maintain healthy and youthful Skin at any age. ↓


Celebrating 16 years in downtown Orillia this December 2017, the clinic is owner-operated by Blade Tiessen a para-Medical Aesthetician possessing over 30 years of extensive industry experience, along with his associates: Dr. A.J (Medical Director), Tilda Peltz (Laser Tech), and Ben Tiessen (Clinic Co-ordinator/WBV Therapist) all focus on innovative preventative and corrective treatments and are dedicated in providing unsurpassed professional and personal attention to your individual aesthetic enhancement and wellness requirements.

With experience and equipment gathered globally, the clinic remains the first in northern Ontario to pioneer, specialize and tutor such anti-aging technologies as C.I.M. collagen induction mesotherapy dermal rolling, *and creator of the CIMA-Technique, as well as the first clinic in Canada to specialize in Dermapen™ micro-needling and Dermatude™ meta-therapy. The clinic’s owner Blade Tiessen is also the Canadian trainer for micro-needle brands Dermapen™ and Dermatude™. The clinic was also the first north of Toronto to incorporate  non-surgical lifting and radio frequency skin tightening, needle and needle-free mesotherapythreading, and the first total body anti-aging “Youth Booth” that naturally stimulates collagen from head-to-toe to mention just a few.

With the most up-to-date technology for everything from Acne to Sun-damage (and every wrinkle in-between) the clinic is also residence to other cutting-edge technologies such as Edge™ Medical; microdermabrasion, diamond-abrasion and ultrasound skin resurfacing systems as well as OxyJet™ needle-free oxygen injectionSoli-Tone™ LED phototherapy along with Vasculyse™electrocoagulation for vein and skin tag removal, Light Sheer™ laser hair removal as well as licensed Botox™ , Juvederm™ and Soft Lift™ cosmetic injections.

Undoubtedly offering the most comprehensive and exclusive protocols currently available on the Canadian non-surgical cosmetic enhancement market.

Our Medical body-sculpting division has an impressive technology profile as well including Aplha™ Sauna Pod, Ergoline™ Beauty Angel total body anti-aging/body-sculpting & wellness “Youth Booth”LumiCell™ cellulite reduction, LipoSlim™ Ultrasonic Cavitation & Tri-Polar Radio FrequencyProEllixe® whole body lifting and i-lipo™ the non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

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