Oxygen Therapies

Oxygen is vital for all higher forms of life, because it is responsible for suppliyng our cells with energy.

This energy is needed for pure cell maintenance and to perform their specific tasks in the body.

Of course, this applies to the skin cells, too!

Cell renewal predominantly takes place in the “stratum basale”, a layer of cylindrical cells, which, by cell-division, assure a constant supply of new epidermis cells. The oxygen required for this strenuous task is supplied by the neighboring blood vessels in the dermis. There are no blood vessels in the epidermis itself, and this is why it is predominantly dependent on the constant flow of oxygen from the blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin. The cells additionally receive the required amount of oxygen also from the flow of oxygen through the cell interstices (biomatrix) of the skin, collecting the oxygen from the air surrounding us.

The clinic offers the following oxygen related therapies:

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OXYjet™          Oxygen Injection

Medical grade pure pulsed-Oxygen is used to administer Homeopathic, Cosemceutical, Organic, Placental or Stem Cell formulations directly into the skin at different depths without using a syringe.  The Bode™ Oxygen puncture technology is based on the latest medical and cosmetic knowledge, specializing in intensive homeopathic and cosmetic care.Medical experience with no-needle injections show that vaccines, for example, can be shot into the skin by applying a very high degree of air pressure (like an airgun without pellets).  Lately, this technique has been applied with insulin as well. The medicine enters the “shot channel” and travels down into the deeper layers of the skin below the “stratum basal”.  The substance is absorbed by the blood vessels and distributed in the body.In the field of cosmetics, the absorption of substances through blood vessels is not desired.  This resulted in the development of this high-tech method that exceeds the high standards of modern intensive cosmetic care.The Bode™ oxygen puncture allows for precisely shooting medicines, with medicinal oxygen, into any problem areas of the skin on the body.  The medicines  travel through the natural interstices between the cells of the epidermis (bio-matrix) down to the deeper layers of the skin and can there achieve the desired effect.

All medicines used during traditional “needle” mesotherapy are used with Bode™oxygen injection click SkinScripts* nutritional supplements  administered in clinic to view options.

Integrates well with C.I.M. , all skin exfoliation and resurfacing procedures.

OXYneb™          Oxygen Nebulization

The OXYneb™ is an extremely gentle way of infusing the skin with supplemental oxygen and SkinScripts* nutrition medicines.  Quite possibly the best topical anti-inflammatory procedure currently available on the Aesthetic enhancement wellness market.  We have incorporated our OXYneb™ into practically every procedure since September 2006.  For good reason, oxygen improves the cell metabolism, helping to build the important energy carriers Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate and Creatine-Phosphate.  A lack of oxygen reflects in a reduced cell activity, premature cell ageing and blood circulation disorders, possibly leading to a premature loss of skin firmness and a pale complexion.  Oxygen furthermore helps the immune system to attract certain immune cells in the tissue, allowing for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial reactions, which is vital for many healing processes including acne and rosacea prone skins or to increase recovery after cosmetic procedures.  During the OXYneb™ experience a concentrated spraying of oxygen and skin nutrition medicines are infused into your skin receiving both a vitality boost in form of highly concentrated oxygen and intensive ingredients free from toxins and preservatives.

  • Improves cell metabolism.
  • Increase immune activity.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Improve smoker’s and “city stressed” skins.
  • Reduces irritation and increases healing of oversensitive skin (after burns, surgery, inflamed skin).
  • Detoxify and heal the skin.
  • Feels amazing, smells terrific and leaves your skin glowing!

Integrates well with all Para-MedicalTherapies procedures.


OXYpeel™ offers all the benefits of our OXYneb™ above, however replacing the skin nutrients (at first) with Oxygen and infused with either a chemical or enzyme peel and then a neutralizer and then following with several skin specific nutrition cocktails.  The advantages of an OXYpeel™ over a traditional peel are several including:

  • Lower strength as penetration is increased with Oxygen infusion.
  • Oxygen kills bacteria and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Peel and heal at the same time.
  • Ultimately leading to faster healing, less “down time”, no redness or inflammation just radiant skin!

Integrates well prior to any Para-Medical Therapies procedure.


OXYaroma™ aromatherapy blends Oxygen inhalation therapy with aroma therapy.

Especially in this day and age, it is important that our bodies are sufficiently supplied with oxygen.  Dirt and pollution, physical, emotional and mental stress all lead to a higher need for supplemental oxygen.  A lack of oxygen can lead to concentration disorders, fatigue, exhaustion, depression, loss of performance and vitality, not to mention more prone to illnesses and infections.
Oxygen improves the metabolic performance of all cells in the body, increases the ability to resist infections by stimulating the immune system, and enhances the blood supply of all vital organs.

  • to revitalize body, mind and soul
  • increase of mental, physical and spiritual performance
  • increase concentration and meditation
  • to relax and unwind
  • to help defeat stress factors
  • to fight chronic fatigue syndrome
  • to help alkalize the body
  • prior, during and or after any physical training.  See E.W.O.T

Scents inspire, enchant, soothe, influence, stimulate…and even sedate!  We now offer OXYaroma™ aromatherapy sedation with any procedure for only $10.00.

Incorporates well with any Para-Medical Therapies procedure.

Bode™ and OXYjet™ as seen in worldwide articles.  Click to enlarge.

Typical results attained using a combination of above Bode™therapies.