Lumi-Facial™ LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy

LEDs are non-invasive, pure, polarized narrow band frequencies that are safer than natural sunlight as they produce no harmful UV radiation and cause no thermal injury or damage to the skin.  LEDs represent the latest Photo-facial technology; they are available in 4 colours and wavelengths, each being well absorbed by the Skin and proven to provide extraordinary therapeutic and repairing benefits. Our technology combines 4 colours with 400 LEDs and an array of preprogrammed Skin specific protocols, plus, unlimited manual settings ensuring optimal results.  Green light reduces Pigmentation and sun damage.  Blue light improves Acne and purifies the skin.  Yellow light treats redness and Rosacea.    Red light addresses Aging by increasing collagen production fivefold in the Skin, triggering natural repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells.  This totally painless treatment is adaptable to all skin types and suitable for all ages.


A Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.)  improves and stimulates blood circulation using a completely natural method . . . a Light Beam.  Light being absorbed by the skin and underlying tissues, stimulates cell activities and metabolism, promotes muscle relaxation, accelerates all repair mechanisms and, of course, increases blood circulation.  The result is that all toxins and metabolism by-products are taken away from the suffering tissue, while at the same time, food/energy and vitamins are supplied through the increased blood current.”L.E.D. Light Therapy is a conscious move towards a natural method of healing.  The principal and application of this is through biostimulation of the cells by pure Monochromatic Light.  In the healing process, Light is absorbed by the cell, accelerating tissue repair, thus speeding up recovery time.  This method of biostimulation is particularly successful in the fields of Dentistry, Dermatology, Neurology, Physiotherapy and is a must in the world of beauty and fitness.”   “From a nutritional point of view a lack of Sunlight can cause deficiencies. Without Sunlight vitamin D cannot be metabolized in the human body, which can result in rickets.  Most enzymes need Light for proper functioning.   Hormones and vitamins as well.  Studies have shown that different Lights affect different enzymic reactions for healing purposes.  For example, babies who suffer from jaundice and are placed under a blue light are termed ‘blue babies.’  “Space Age in Medicine”   Depending upon whether the Light Beam is continuous or pulsed (turned on and off very rapidly), the Single-Wavelength Light photostimulates the afflected cell tissue differently. “Continuous Light” sedates the tissue, resulting in relief of pain, relaxation of tense muscles and reduced swelling. This is accomplished by an increase in cellular blood flow (which causes a warm feeling deep within the tissue) and by actual physical tissue relaxation. “Pulsed Light” stimulates the DNA within the afflicted cell, causing the cell to produce an increased quantity of protein and calcium, which results in an accelerated healing of the tissue from 3 to 5 times faster than normal.  Our technology has all four colours with the option to have continuous or pulsed light and offers unlimited programming.

We also have LED with Microcurrent non-surgical lifting featuring 80 powerfull super luminous LED’s with 80 point microcurrents (Industry Gold Standard) non-surgical facial lifting.  Click  here  to read more.