CIMA Technique


The CIMA Technique was created by Blade Tiessen in 2008.

The CIMA-Lift & Glow technique(s) naturally incorporates the theories and benefits of TCM-traditional Chinese (cosmetic) acupuncture, Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peeling and Fraxel™ laser type treatments as well as natural-bio-stimulation cellular principals.

The CIMA-Lift & Glow technique offers the benefits of complete penetration of desired dermal nutritive medicines using a unique and sterile diffusion method while also providing complete and effortless stimulation of every cosmetic acupuncture point as well as natural wound healing mechanisms and cellular responses.  Naturally without the risks of burning, scaring or thinning the skin!

The CIMA-Lift & Glow technique was designed to address specific skin conditions including pigmentation, skin laxity, wrinkles, acne & vitamin/mineral deficiencies to name a few.  With the correct medicine and technique, almost every skin condition or ailment, other than those with contraindications can benefit from treatment with CIMA.

The CIMA Technique, dermal nutritive medicines and/or the techniques may be administered as an alternative method both alone or in combination with other protocols to address several medical and/or aesthetic conditions including but not limited to: Anti-Aging, Natural Collagen Induction, Scar Revision, Sports Injuries, Dermatology, Pain Management, Hair Loss…

As most chronic conditions have multiple causes and symptoms, sometimes utilizing multiple treatment modalities offers the best overall outcome for the patient.

Interested in learning the CIMA-Technique? Visit our Advanced Para-Medical Aesthetic Training area.
The pictures below document the CIMA-Technique Lift & Glow procedure from start to finish, unfortunately the before pictures were out of focus.  The after pictures document the amount of inflammation and/or redness typically experienced by our patients treated with the CIMA-Technique over the years.