Dr. Roller -Dermal Rolling

Dermal rollers like Dr. Roller ™ is an instrument used at the clinic during a procedure called Collagen Induction Mesotherapy (also known as C.I.T. or skin needling).   Originally developed to naturally stimulate new collagen fiber growth within the dermis below the surface of the skin.  C.I.M. is a suitable and highly effective treatment for all skin types to reduce scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, sun-damage, cellulite and generally improve skin tone, colour and texture.  Our exclusive SkinScripts* Nutritional  Supplementation  cocktails and protocols incorporate the principals of mesotherapy with cosmetic acupuncture, fraxel and microdermabrasion naturally without causing damage to the skin’s surface.

The owner of the clinic Blade Tiessen is also the founder of the CIMA-Technique protocols for micro-needle dermal rolling combined with cosmetic acupuncture.

The concept behind C.I.M. with Dr.Roller derma rollers is to exploit the skin’s natural healing process.  That is the body’s reaction when damage to the skin occurs; when skin is damaged such as by a cut, wound or a burn, the body recycles the damaged skin matrix components and synthesizes new ones.  DuringC.I.M.skin needling the “wounding” process in the skin is created with a dermal roller in a controlled and well-calibrated environment.  Dr.Roller dermal rollers have micro-needles with predetermined lengths to ensure safe needling without any damage to the deeper layers of skin.  The natural skin remodeling that follows, improves the texture of the skin and smoothes out wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks and other skin impurities.

C.I.M. face & body rollers consist of 192 or 560 micro-needles that puncture the surface of the epidermis stimulating acupuncture points while injecting tiny amounts of SkinScripts* Nutritional Supplements,  nutritional “medicines” ranging in (your choice of) Homeopathic Remedies,Cosmeceutical and Medical preparations, Organic Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Placental Protiens and Stem Cells or Organic vitamins and minerals into the skin.  The minute “punctures” created in the skin by the roller also allows for increased absorption of active ingredients in your skin care products deeper into the skin for weeks following a C.I.M. treatment with Dr. Roller.

Numerous independent studies have shown that penetration of skin care products active ingredients increases significantly with C.I.M. then when compared to the regular topical application. Due to increased skin care product absorption, your skin gets a better dosage of the skin care ingredients it needs to correct or prevent whatever condition it suffers from.   Individual skin concerns as well as the desired results can be further enhanced with the aid of different medicines and technology available at the clinic.  The clinic currently imports SkinScripts*Supplements and Medicines worldwide ranging in para-medical, Cosmeceutical, Medical, Organic, Homeopathic and Nutraceuticals.  Our personalized treatment plans incorporate a combination of C.I.M. and technologies like Radio Frequency skin tightening,  Oxygen InjectionsLED Photo-facialsDiamond-abrasion and ultrasound with all protocols developed in Orillia by Para-Medical Aesthetician and owner of the clinic Blade Tiessen.  C.I.M. is also extremely effective on the body and is used to treat conditions including; hair restoration, loose-saggy skin, stretch marks, scars, cellulite and localized fat deposits and is incorporated into several clinical protocols. With over 3000 procedures performed at the clinic to date, the response to this treatment has been extraordinary.

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