Para-Medical Facial Therapies

The following procedures are preformed  by Blade Tiessen P.M.E., in a sterile Medically supervised environment.


ScarLet RF™️

ScarLet RF™ Micro-Needle/RF is minimal invasive fractional bi-polar Radio Frequency with micro-needle electrodes representing the latest advancement in Micro-Needling and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies. More…



JetPeel™ is a gentle, non-invasive and completely painless 100% natural treatment that dramatically improves texture, tone and color of your skin.

JetPeel™ exfoliates the skin by removing the dead layer of cells through a moisturising jet stream (saline) and oxygen infusion. This is exfoliating, oxygenetining, hydrating and micro-circulating all in one session.
The Jet stream also infuses serums penetrating them deep into the dermis without needles or complications. More…


DermapenWorld™ Micro-Needling

Exclusive to the clinic since 2002, DermapenWorld™️ Micro-Needling (also known as C.I.T. or “Skin needling”), was originally developed to naturally stimulate new collagen fiber growth within the dermis layer of the skin.  It is a suitable and effective treatment for all skin types and helps to reduce scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, sun-damage, cellulite and generally improves skin tone, colour and texture. More…

OXYjet™ Oxygen Therapies

Medical grade pure Oxygen is used to administer Homeopathic, Cosmeceutical, Organic and stem cell formulations directly into the skin at different depths without using a syringe.   More…

Code de Beaute Thermal RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio frequency (Thermal RF) uses energy to create a field of deep dermal heating. The heat is of a natural and therapeutic nature, which causes both immediate skin tightening and delayed collagen improvements. The immediate improvements are a result of existing collagen contraction while the delayed improvements are due to the induction of new collagen formation. A perfect option for chin reduction and jowl lifting as well as a mild face lift effect. The procedure is considered non-invasive with no-downtime as other then mild redness no injury occurs to the skin’s surface. More… 


Dermatude™️ Meta-Therapy

Dermatude™ and its exclusive Meta Therapy technology combines the benefits of several skin rejuvenation methods in one natural painless treatment.  Meta Therapy is an acronym for Medical Esthetic Tissue Activating Therapy which offers the benefits of Microdermabrasion, dermal-rolling, fractional laser and mesotherapy at a fraction of the cost, with immediate and long-lasting results and no “downtime” or complications. More…

Soli-Tone™ LumiLift

LumiLift™ is a complete non-invasive lifting and skin rejuvenation procedure that is safe, comfortable and effective.  Incorporating 80 powerful Extreme Super-Luminous LEDs, Microcurrents and HF Polarized currents it provides results in the epidermal, dermal and muscular tissues.  Pulsed Red LED narrow band light stimulates light absorbing photo-receptors in the Skin to induce a cellular response, triggering energy to stimulate fibroblasts cells functioning and repair mechanisms.  Microcurrents are incorporated to further stimulate natural bio-electrical currents to reconstruct and re-educate muscle tissue.  Achieving visible facial lifting and contouring while diminishing fine lines & wrinkles and providing a stronger underlying foundation against future aging.   More…

Soli-Tone™ Lumi-Facial

LEDs are non-invasive, pure, polarized narrow band frequencies that are safer than natural sunlight as they produce no harmful UV radiation and cause no thermal injury or damage to the skin.  LEDs represent the latest Photo-facial technology; they are available in 4 colours and wavelengths, each being well absorbed by the Skin and proven to provide extraordinary therapeutic and repairing benefits. Our technology combines 4 colours with 400 LEDs and an array of preprogrammed Skin specific protocols, plus, unlimited manual settings ensuring optimal results.  Green light reduces Pigmentation and sun damage.  Blue light improves Acne and purifies the skin.  Yellow light treats redness and Rosacea.    Red light addresses Aging by increasing collagen production fivefold in the skin, triggering natural repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells.  This totally painless treatment is adaptable to all skin types and suitable for all ages.  More…


 Delphia™ Microdermabrasion

A mechanical method of deep exfoliation utilizing aluminum crystals that are blown onto the Skin and vacuumed back up taking with them loosened Skin.

This treatment is suitable for thicker or resilient Skin and causes minor to moderate irritation.   More…

 Delphia™ Diamond-abrasion

Diamond-abrasion offers several advantages over its precursor Microdermabrasion including an assortment of variable diamond studded grit sizes ensuing greater precision and predictable results.  Also, a lower vacuum suction allows for little to no bruising, redness or irritation as well as less client discomfort.

Also, the absence of aluminum oxide crystals commonly used with Microdermabrasion makes this method a healthier option.   More…

Chemical and Enzyme Peeling

 Chemical exfoliation may involve the use of products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or enzymes that act to loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, allowing them to ease away.  The clinic stocks an array of these chemical & enzyme compounds including Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Malic and Citric as well as natural enzymes including pineapple and papaya enzymes.  More…


VascuLyse™️ Capillarie & Skin Tag Removal

Vasculyse™ offers a safe, non-invasive effective treatment for embarrassing skin blemishes including:

Broken Capillaries / Spider Veins

Skin Tags

Ruby Points

Pigmentation Spots