case study #1

i-lipo™ – “Slimmer for Summer” case study #1

Patient: J.E.M of Orillia, ON

Patient Age: 58

Patient Sex: Female

Area Treated: Tummy & Sides

Start Measurement: 56 inches

End Measurement: 44 inches

Total Inch Loss: 12 inches

# of Treatments: 8 (20 minute sessions)

Length of Treatment Course: 1 Month (June 2011)

i-lipo™ procedure performed by: Blade Tiessen

Whole Body Vibration procedure performed by: Ben Tiessen

Other: No specific changes to her daily diet or exercise regime.

Patient Testimonial: “I am wearing clothes that I have never been able to fit into before.  People are noticing the differences in me with comments like, ‘You look great!’ and ‘you must have lost a lot of weight!’.  no pain, no surgery and the pounds and inches literally drop off after each treatment.  Thank you so much Blade and Ben for bringing i-lipo™ to Orillia” J.E.M-Orillia,ON