Soft Lift™


Soft Lift™ provides an instant and natural-looking makeover, or let’s just say a pleasantly refreshed version of you!           



    Experience a Soft Lift™; the only complete facial rejuvenating treatment     

combining the proven anti-aging benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic® with Juvederm™.       




BOTOX Cosmetic® relaxes the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles in your upper face     

while Juvederm™ restores lost volume, recontouring and redefining your mid-and lower face.    

 To see the possibilities of Juvederm™, create your own before and after pictures using our revolutionary new Juvederm™ Revitalizer.      

Soft Lift™ treatment provide natural and long lasting benefits for up to a year.      


       Patient was treated with additional BOTOX Cosmetic®.  No additional Juvederm® was administered.      


Soft Lift™ in your 30’s     


Soft Lift™ in your 40’s  


Soft Lift™ in your 50’s  


Soft Lift™ in Your 60’s   


Soft Lift™ for Men  










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