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Juvederm™ is a soft injectable gel tissue filler that Dr.A.J. uses to help replenish and refresh your appearance.  It contains hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar found in your body), which combines with the water in your skin to instantly restore lost volume and reduce lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic injections have also been shown to stimulate collagen production.  Not only that, Juvederm™ works to enhance lips, cheek bones and jawline.  Best of all, the results are instant and natural looking, and last from 1 to two years depending on the type of Juvederm injected.

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The Botox Cosmetic® procedure is quick, simple, safe and there is no downtime.  Following a facial analysis by Dr. A.J. and a discussion on your desired outcome, the procedure itself only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to preform.  The procedure is also considered painless as only a tiny amount of BOTOX Cosmetic® is injected into presise locations of the muscle being treated.  An extremely fine needle is used for the procedure which the sensation being compared to as a bug bite.  No sedation or even local anesthetics are required and normal activities can resume immediately.

The Soft Lift™ address the concerns of aging skin by artistically combining the dermal filler Juvederm™ with BOTOX Cosmetic® .  The result is a full facial rejuvenation effect that is balanced and natural looking.


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